Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Inventory!

Conference time is the PERFECT time to do an
I'm sure you've been looking forward to this one with
great anticipation and excitement!
In Fact . . . it's probably keeping you up at night just thinking
about how much FUN the whole process is going to be.
(OK, so maybe that's just me!)
(Seriously, that's what I call my food storage room . . . Smith just happens to be my last name, so it works for me!)
Taking stock of what you have stored can be a long process
for some, while others can be done in 10 minutes.
I hope you spend the whole day taking inventory!
(Unless you're Food Storage is UBER ORGANIZED.  The 10 minute plan has me a little concerned about how much food you have stored.)
The Macey's case lots sale is happening NOW,
and some of the others stores have already had their sales,
I did a post a while back that included different inventory sheets
and ideas for keeping track of what you have stored.
Here's that Link:
This is a great opportunity to share your testimony
about the importance of being obedient to the counsel given by
Prophets and Apostles,
by making sure you include them in the process.
Do a quick check of your Emergency Supplies while you're at it.
72 Hour Kits
Check to make sure you can still recognize
the food you have stored.
72 Hour Kit Conference Picnics
are a great way to keep your food
from going bad.
Just DON'T FORGET to add
the new food at the same time!
Do you have a tent?  Does it still have all the poles?
Do a quick check to make sure all the parts and pieces
are still there and that your shelter plan still works.
If you don't have a tent,
Make sure you have either some tarps, or heavy plastic
and some rope.
One last thing . . . Make sure you know
where everything is!
Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Fire.
(DO YOU HAVE MATCHES to start the fire?)
How will you stay warm if the power goes out this winter?
Just a little something to think about!
Water is soooo important to have on hand.
It's needed for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.
Now is the time to fill those EMPTY barrels
you've had in your garage
Add a few cases of bottled water and don't throw away
your laundry soap containers. 
They're a perfect way to store water
for cleaning and sanitation.
If you've had your water barrels filled for a while,
now is the time to add new water.
Time to check the batteries in the flashlights,
assuming you HAVE flashlights and batteries.
Candles and Lanterns are also great options.
Make sure you have the fuel for your lanterns
Ways to Cook WITHOUT Power
Solar Ovens, Dutch Ovens, Camp Stoves and Butane Stoves
are great options for cooking.
Are you ready?
Do you have a way to cook or prepare meals?
Do you have the fuel to use with the equiptment you have?
If your answer was "NO!" Now is the time to add this part of
preparedness into your planning and budget.
Prepare a meal this conference weekend
It's a great time to practice!
Warm Clothing
The key to staying warm is LAYERING!
Make sure you have warm winter coats, gloves, boots,
scarves, hats, wool socks, and lots of layers.
Most importantly . . . make sure you are
storing the right sizes!
Storing fuel can be a little bit more difficult, but if
you can store at least a little, you will be in better shape
than if you have stored nothing at all.
The price of fuel just seems to keep rising, so get what
you can store and make sure that it is stored properly.
One more thing . . .
Long lines of cars waiting at gas stations
before or after emergencies are definately something
I want to avoid!
Make sure you have posted your
Grab 'n Go List as well as your
Emergency Evacuation Information!
Last but not least . . .
Make sure you are caught up on your
Vital Records Binder!
Looks like it's time to GO TO WORK!
Check back later today
oops . . . I mean tomorrow
for a
SpOoKy FuN
Halloween Decoration!


JRoberts said...

Seriously? That is my dream wall tent! I love that picture and keep it next to my list of dreams! :)

Tricia Smith said...

Mine Too! I love it!
We just went shopping for a wall tent this past weekend, it was sooo much fun . . . at least unil they told us the price! I can't wait to get mine and set it up in the back yard!