Monday, September 13, 2010

Safety and Preparedness - Pandemic Kits!

Pandemic Kits
Even though there is no immediate
threat of a pandemic, it's important to be prepared.
It's better to get prepared BEFORE
the emergency, than to try and prepare
DURING the emergency.
It's also A LOT CHEAPER.
When we are in the middle of the emergency
we are at the retailer's mercy and supplies are limited.
If we plan ahead, we can price compare
and purchase a little at a time.
Here's a link to a Pandemic Kit:
It's one of the best lists I've seen, and it's
broken down into smaller purchases.
(Many of the supplies are available at the Dollar Store.)
You may be surprised to find that you probably have
a lot of the supplies already.
Take a few minutes to put the supplies you have
into a tote or duffle bag.
You're one step closer to being
 Prepared NOT Scared!


Donna said...

Years ago when the pandamic scare really took off, I saw a Dr. Osterholm a pandamic expert on Oprah, i'm not an avid watcher, but this man was so interesting. Anyway one thing he said was that one of the lessons they learnt from Katrina was the need to bury your dead in a respectful manner. He said that there was a shortage of body bags. I know that morbid and perhaps a little drastic but as a homestorage nut I really took this on board at the time & added body bags & wheelie bin bags to my pandamic kit. The rest of what he said is just standard for us as Latter Day Saints but that I thought was not.
Ps. I'm also the mother who has the offical Queensland Government handwashing poster laminated, hanging in her bathroom??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a complete list.
from California