Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - How Much Water Do I Store?

How Much Water Do I Need To Store?
Part 2
Water is more important than food.  After 3-4 days without water, the kidneys stop functioning and the damage is irreversible, even with present day technology.  You should plan how you would purify water for your family if disaster struck.  Boiling water works for about 90% of contaminates, but you would need to boil the water for approximately 16 minutes. 
For a 2-week supply, you should store 2 gallons per person, per day. 
Note:  This is for drinking and cooking,
not for bathing or washing.
We have read several Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Books in an effort to find out how much you should store for your family's needs.
Some of the books recommended 1-gallon per person per day, while others recommended you store
180-gallons per person . . . That's ALOT OF WATER!
We recommend you store: One 55-gallon drum for each person in your family.
Depending on your storage space, the large drums may not work for you.  There are other options for storing water.  The best option is to store as much as you can!
Water can be stored in clean plastic 2-liter pop bottles, 5-gallon jugs all the way up to 250-gallon drums.
It's always nice to have bottled water on hand. 
It's portable and easy to rotate!
Water For Cleaning and Washing:
Can be stored in old laundry soap containers.  I use the ones with the spiket.  It makes washing hands so easy.  Make sure to label the jug as cleaning water only - NOT FOR DRINKING!
Your Challenge This Week:
Is to find out how much water you have stored and how much more you need for your family.
Next Tuesday:
"Where Do I Store All This Water and Stuff?" 
Part 3
Will give you storage suggestions for food, emergency supplies and options for storing your family's water.

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