Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food Storage Meals & Menu Planning - Lunch: Pasta Salad!

Here's What's on the Menu for Lunch:
Pasta Salad!
(FYI - Pasta is on sale at Dick's this week: $.88)
Pasta can be put into #10 cans with an oxy pack which will
increase the shelf life to 30 years.
The canner can be checked out from the
Centerville Dry Pack Cannery . . . and it's FREE!
You just need to purchase the cans, lids and oxy packs. 
Now is a great time to stock up!
Pasta Salad Recipe:
We also included a recipe for:
 Homemade Pasta and Mayonnaise!
Homemade Pasta is AMAZING!
Give these recipes a try . . . I bet you can't tell the difference
between store-bought and homemade mayonnaise!

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