Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Part 4: A 3 Month Supply for YOUR Family!

A 3-Month Supply for YOUR Family
will be different from your NEIGHBORS 3-Month Supply.
That's because the meals your family is eating on a
daily basis are different from the meals your neighbor's
family is eating on a daily basis!
Your 3-Month Supply will include the ingredients you are
using in your daily meals.
To Get Started on YOUR 3-Month Supply:
Make a list of the meals you are eating during the week.
(Just focus on one week at a time . . . It makes things a lot easier!)
Make a list of all of the items you can store on a shelf,
in your freezer, or in your refrigerator.
We have created a page for you to list your supply items
in three different areas:
Shelf Stable, Freezer, and Fresh.
Here it is:
Make 7 copies of this page, using 1 page for each different
Menu Item.
For Example:
Menu Item:  Shepherd's Pie
Shelf-Stable Ingredients:
Instant Potatoes
Canned Corn
Canned Green Beans
Freezer Ingredients:
Ground Beef
Fresh Ingredients:
This is a great option for my 3-Month Supply
because most of the ingredients are
shelf-stable and easy to store.
As you make a list of your Daily Menu Items,
Don't forget to add the Corn Dogs, Pizza, and other
Freezer Meals you have on hand. 
The freezer IS an important part of your
3-Month Supply.
A 3-Month Supply Is More Than Just Food!
Toilet Paper, Diapers, Formula, Shampoo, Toothpaste . . . etc.
Think of the items you use everyday -
They are going to become even more important
 if you can't get to a store!
I don't know about you, but if I had to choose between the
pillow-soft quilted Northern and a leaf . . . I'm choosing
the Northern!
Your 3-Month Supply is meant to make life easier for you.
Not having to run to the store everytime you need something
will save you time and money.
Make a list of the items you use everyday.
We made a form for that too.
Here it is:
Now all you have to do is . . . buy enough
 for a second meal,
or buy two things of deoderant instead of one.
Try not to use the extra items
until you can replace them.
Before you know it . . . You will have a
well-stocked 3-Month Supply!
Happy Shopping!

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