Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preparedness Project - "That's What I Love About YOU!"

Valentine's Day is just around the corner,
so we thought it would be fun
to make a little something special for your family!
This has become a favorite tradition for our family.
It is truly something they will treasure!
The Project Is:
"That's What I Love About YOU!"
Note Book
It's a little book with a place for you to write the things you LOVE
about each of the people in your family.
The book has 50 pages and only takes a few minutes to make.
We each take a turn filling out a
for everyone! 
The next year we add to the book.
We decided to include grandparent's this year.  I'm sure it will
mean a lot for them to hear
what grandma and grandpa love about them.
On a bad day, this is one of the first places we go . . .
it's amazing to see what a kind word can do for a broken heart!
Pictures of family members can also be added for a
more personal touch!
Here's the PDF:

You will need:
1 Wirebound Ruled Index Cards (50 Pages)
(I get mine at Smith's.)
1 Dark Brown Ink Pad
1 Chianti (Red) Ink Pad
1 Sponge Brush
Mod Podge
Printed PDF Pages
Paper Cutter
Double Sided Tape
Other Embellishments Can Be Added
Cut out each of the cards and book cover.
Ink all the edges.
Cut inside and back covers.
You will need 3-3"x5" pieces.
Don't forget to ink these pages as well.
Mod Podge front cover with a thin even layer of Mod Podge.
Place front cover over Mod Podge making sure to smooth
and secure all of the edges.
Do the same for the back cover and two inside cover pages.
I used double sided tape on the back of the
Love Note Pages.
Add pages to the ruled side of the index card.
Continue until each of the ruled sides of the index cards
are covered.
Photos can be added to the left side of the page if you want.
Pictures will need to be printed in a 3"x5" size.
Each person in your family will have his/her own book.
Take turns writing down what you love about
the people in your family!
Read this book to little one's often,
and remind your teens about this
"treasure" when they are having a hard day!

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