Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preparedness Project - Family Activity Bag!

Today's Preparedness Project Is:
The Family Activity Bag!
There's actually not a lot to it . . . just find a bag that will fit several toys, games, and activities for your children to use in an Emergency Situation and keep the bag with your 72 Hour Kits. 
Often times in an emergency situation parents are just trying to take care of the basic human needs:  food, water, shelter . . . etc.  Trying to keep your children entertained and happy is usually the last thing on your list, but helping them get their minds off of the scary situations can make all the difference.
Throughout the year we will be sharing games, activities and ideas for your Family Activity Bag.
The activities are innexpensive and easy to do, but will entertain your children for hours so that you can take care of other things.
We will be making a Prophet's Memory Game on Thursday.
For those of you who won't be able to attend we have included the PDF File for YOU!
To make the Prophet's Memory Game you will need to:
Print the PDF File. 
(This file includes all of the Latter-day Prophets.)
Cut out each of the cards.
Cut out 32 - 3"x4" pieces of chipboard or cardstock
to make the cards.
Attach 1 Prophet's Match Cover to each of the cards.
(Front Side)

Attach the pictures of the Prophet's on the opposite side.
(Back Side)

Laminate the cards and you're done!
The Prophet's Match Memory Game can be played 2 different ways:
1st:  As the regular memory game where you try to find two matches.
2nd: Divide into two teams and race to see who can put the Prophet's in the right order first!
I found a cute bag to hold the game when it was done at
Hobby Lobby.
(It was only .50 cents!)


The Shafer Family said...

Hello, I stumbled on your blog here in Phoenix Arizona and want to know if I can borrow some idea's? I was recently called as the preparedness specialist and your blog is AWESOME!!! Amanda

Tricia Smith said...

Take all that you want! My goal is to help others to get prepared however I can. If you need ANYTHING just let me know!

Julie said...

I was wondering when you might post some more of the games you listed in a post for the Family Activity Bag? I've done all the ones you have posted so far and the others sound really fun. Thanks for your super ideas. Could you post a picture of the cute bags you use to put the games in?