Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Part 3.5: Where Do I Store All This Food, Water, & Preparedness Stuff?

Here are some more ideas for storing
"Deals to Meals" Blog
Totes and Buckets!
"Deals to Meals" Blog
You can never have too much water!
It's nice to have different options when you store your water.
Easy to grab water bottles as well as larger barrels.
"Deals to Meals" Blog
This Water Barrel Storage Idea is found on:
Notice the wooden dowl that has been put in
front of the jars . . . Sooo Smart!
"Deals to Meals" Blog
"Deals to Meals" Blog
Make sure you label sealed totes and boxes.
Sooo Important!
"Deals to Meals" Blog
An Extra Closet!
"Prepared LDS Family" Blog
Food can be stored in the boxes they came in.
Just store the newest food on the bottom,
so that family members rotate from the top!
I love the extra piece of wood they put across the shelves
to keep things from falling!
Make sure you measure your space BEFORE you
purchase your shelves.
Note the two different sizes.
Pantry Food Storage.
Smaller Rolling Can Shelves are a great option!
Don't forget the space under your stairs!
Space can be found ANYWHERE!
Remember to rotate the food you store
and to store the foods your family will eat.
Hope this helps!


Dede said...

I love, LOVE your blog!!! I've been showing it off to people I know!!

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks so much . . . keep up the good work!

Janetta said...

I like what you are doing. I noticed some of your pictures of food storage and I know that those come from other blogs...you should give them credit for those pictures (or at least a link. I am adding your blog to my Reader. Keep it coming!

Tricia Smith said...

Thank You for your comment. We had several ward members send pictures of their food storage, their only request was to remain anonymous. I did a little research and added the names to the blog pictures I found.