Monday, February 22, 2010

Family History Family Home Evening: Temple Marriage!

Our Family Home Evening Lesson Idea for Tonight is:
Temples & Temple Marriage
Here's the Lesson:
Family History FHE Temples Lesson PDF
Mom and Dad, this is a great time to tell your children
about the day YOU were married!
Share with them your
and the BLESSINGS that come from being
Even BETTER . . .
Share Your Testimony AND Write it down.
Add a copy of your testimony
along with some of the pictures from your Wedding Day
to your Family History Scrapbook.
FHE Temples Trivia Game:
Temples Trivia Game
This Game is part of the Family Home Evening Lesson PDF.
Put all the pieces into a box or basket and let your children take
turns drawing questions until they are gone!
We've also included a tag for the outside of the box or
to hang on the basket.
Temple Recommend PDF:
Print 2 recommends for each person in your family. 
One for their wallet, and one for their Scrapbook Page.
Family History Temples Page:
Add a copy of each family member's Temple Recommend
and a Photo of them to the scrapbook page included below.
Add the pages to your Family History Scrapbook.
The Prophet's have told us to put a picture of the temple
in each child's bedroom to remind them of the
importance of being Temple Worthy.
This link will take you to a great website.
They have all of the pictures of the temples
available for you to print out as well as some great ways
to display the temple pictures in your home.
Have each of your children pick his/her favorite temple.
You'll find them on the red underlined link below.
I think they have just about every temple.
Family Home Evening Treats:
Strawberry Danish Parfaits
FHE Treat Recipe:
Have a great time with the FAMILY Tonight!

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