Monday, February 8, 2010

Safety & Preparedness Family Home Evening - Are YOU Ready?

Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Family Home Evening
Are YOU ready for the CHALLENGE?
If you had to prove that your children belong to YOU,
Provide information in an emergency situation to
help find or care for YOUR CHILDREN . . .
Would you be able to do it?
The Family Home Evening Activity Tonight Is:
To fill out the information for your Child Identification Cards,
Authorization for Treatment of a Minor,
and Emergency Information Cards.
Don't worry . . . It won't be a boring night for the kids!
They get to be weighed, measured, finger-printed,
and have their picture taken.
Make sure the picture you use is an everyday snapshot.
(Professional pictures can be a little deceiving!)
Something to keep in mind:
This summer we will provide the opportunity for you
to get wallet-sized Child Identification Cards.
Just one more thing to make the night even better . . .
Family Home Evening Treats!
Tonight's Favorite:
Crispy Rocky Road Bites
Remember: To start and end with PRAYER!

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