Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Activity - Family Night at the Movies!

Sooooo Sorry . . .
This post was actually meant for yesterday
and the BBQ Sauce was supposed to be today's post.
I had a fever and obviously no clue what day it was.
Our Family Activity Idea for Today is:
Family Movie Night at HOME - Movie Theater Style!
If you're a fan of movie theater popcorn but not sure you can find
a movie the whole family can watch,
We have an IDEA:
Buy the Popcorn . . . but Rent the Movie!
The Kaysville Theater popcorn is the best price and they
have no problem with you just stopping by for a bag or two.
To make the night even more FUN
and make the kids really wonder what's up . . .
Send dad and the kids out to the car and tell them
they're in for a Big Surprise.
Dad - Get them locked, loaded and ready to go.
Mom, you can hurry and set up the 
Homemade Concession Stand
 Complete With:
Movie Theater Tickets
Treats and Drinks
We made Tickets and Concession Signs for YOU:

As soon as the concession stand set-up is complete,
head to the car and take a drive around the block.
Pull back into the driveway and announce, "We're Here!"
(That'll get 'em!)
They may look a little confussed at first, but once they see the
Homemade Consession Stand
that's all it will take
YOU are NOW the most POPULAR PARENTS around!
Way to go guys!
Snuggle in for a movie and enjoy the night with your Family.
This is a great opportunity for
Grandma's and Grandpa's as well!


dara said...

Wow how do you do such great graphics? This is so great. My kids are so excited to do this

Tricia Smith said...

I hope you have a great night wtih your family.
Thank You for the sweet compliment!
I laminated my movie night stuff so that I could use it over and over. My kids love it!