Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vital Records - Health Insurance

Your Vital Records Homework for this week is:
To add a copy of your Health Insurance Policy
and Insurance Card(s).
Add Insurance Cards for Dental & Vision - if you have them through a seperate insurance.
Print the PDF file below to use as your
Health Insurance Main Page:
Place each of the items into a sheet protector.
Add Dental Records and X-rays as well.
I use paper-pockets to hold my cards.
Here's an Example:
Stick with white cardstock, it will keep the colors from
bleeding onto your cards.
Cut white cardstock into a 5" x 6" piece paper.
Fold paper, leaving the back side a little taller.
Use double sided tape on the inside (right and left sides) to make pocket.
Flip the pocket and add double sided tape to the back on all four sides.
Attach paper pocket to the main page.
2 paper pockets can fit on one page.
Add insurance cards and put whole page into a page protector.
A second set of insurance cards can be requested from your insurance company.
(You can also add an extra copy from the copy machine.)
This is a really important part of your binder . . . so work hard to get it done!

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