Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Activity - A Night with DAD!

Dad's you're on your own tonight . . . The ladies are working hard on Preparedness Projects
at their Relief Society Meeting!
Don't worry, we have a few ideas that just might make tonight a little bit easier.
It's a great time to make SECRET VALENTINE'S FOR MOM!
Grab some paper, crayons, glue and whatever else you can find to help your little one's make Valentine's for Mom.  She'll love the thought and because it's a secret . . . the craft area will be squeaky clean, as to leave no evidence of the nights activities!  Oh, how happy she will be!
Mom's love heart-felt letters from husband's too . . . so don't let the surprise stop with the kids!
Brownie Points are GUARENTEED!
Have a great time with the kids.
We'll be thinking of you!
We know you will probably be the ones reading this post, and you may be wondering how you can
"ever-so-gently" hint to your husbands that you would really love some Valentines from your kids.
We have a plan!
Just leave a little Valentine Craft Packet on the table,
(you may want to tape off a craft-safe area)
then . . .tell your kids,
"Dad has a fun project to do with you tonight!"
Refer your husbands to the blog and head out the door to
Relief Society.
Mission Accomplished!
See YOU there!

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