Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Part 3: Where Do I Store All This Food, Water & Preparedness Stuff?

Did you know that you can store a
1 Year Supply of the Basics for 1 Person
underneath a twin bed?
Can you believe there is food stored in this room?
Sometimes finding space for storing food storage takes a little creativity . . . but
We will be sharing some of YOUR IDEAS for
storing FOOD STORAGE as well as some of
OUR Favorite Shelving Options and Storage Solutions.
This is one of my favorite options for food storage.
They come individually or in a package of three.
I found mine at Walmart.
They have a smaller size too!
They are great for seasoning packets, toothpaste, and toothbrushes,
dental floss, gum, medicine and first aid supplies . . . etc.
Food can be stored in categories like:
Breakfast foods
Lunch Box
(This includes fruit snacks, granola bars, cookies, chips and crackers.)
Laundry Supplies, Personal Hygiene, and Baby Care.
This section also includes hair color, make-up, and femanine hygiene supplies.
Rolling Can Shelves are Wonderful!
This one holds soups and sauces.
A second shelf holds fruits, and a third holds vegetables.
The Shelf-Reliance Shelves don't come with a top shelf.
We had wood cut to fit the top to add more storage space.
(Note the dust . . . we just did more sheet rock, love construction!)
Powdered Drink Mixes, Gossner Milk, and Juice.
Bottled Fruit on Adjustable Shelves.
The boards can be adjusted to fit the size of the jar.
Not fancy . . . but I love them!
Boxes with #10 cans can be stacked against a wall.
This is just a cement wall . . . but with a couple pieces of wood
and some hooks, it becomes a great place
to store miscellaneous items.
Plastic Shelving is another great alternative.
Plastic Shelving can be divided into short and tall shelves.
This is an easy way to make the shelves fit the space.
The 3 Month Supply is stored on the shelves.
While long-term food storage items are easily
stored in #10 cans and boxed.
Watch for more of your food storage spaces and ideas.
Coming Up Next Week!

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