Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Activity - Love Bug Service!

We have a few ideas for YOU today.
The first is the LOVE BUG!
This project only takes a minute, but the effect
will be AMAZING!
Just print the PDF
Cut out the Love Bug Tag(s)
(There are 3 sizes to choose from.)
I Mod Podged mine to a piece of chipboard to
give it a little more strength, but laminating works too!
Punch a hole in the top.
Add a ribbon.
And you're ready to SERVE!

The Service Bug shown above can be printed and given as
an award for the one who does the most service!
Love Bug Service Award PDF
Just in case you want to keep track of all the
going on in your home.

Last but not least . . .
The "I've Been SERVED!" Page
This page can be used in two different ways.
1st:  Write the names of people who have been served in the white box.
2nd:  To make the chart reusable:
Cut bugs into squares and laminate.
Add one side of the velcro to the back of the bugs
and the other side to the white boxes.
When someone gets served . . . Add a bug!
This service project doesn't have to stop in the home,
Do service for neighbors or those in need and leave this note!
The best part of SERVICE is doing it.
Pray for opportunities to serve and they will come!
Go the Extra Mile . . . With a GREAT BIG SMILE!
Another Idea:
Gather your family together to make Valentine's for the
widows and single sisters that you know.
A special delivery on Valentine's Day can brighten
the day for those who have lost their sweethearts.
You can also do a Heart-Attack Door!
Here are some hearts:

When you've finished "Spreading the Love"
bundle up and take the family
Woot, Woot!

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