Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Storage Meals & Menu Planning - Dessert: Cherry Coconut Bars!

Here's What's On the Dessert Menu For Today:
Cherry Coconut Bars
Here's the Recipe:
Cherry Pie Filling can be replaced with Raspberry or Blueberry!
Serve dessert hot with some vanilla ice cream
or Spiff-E-Whip!
Haven't tried Spiff-E-Whip . . . It's a definate food storage FAVORITE!
You can buy it at J&L Gardens and Emergency Essentials.
Spiff-E-Whip comes in the bag or the can.
Whip Cream can make any Food Storage Item


Dede said...

This is such a fantastic blog. I am planning a big "cooking" day simply so I can try out a ton of your recipes. In fact, I just gave you a blog award!! Check it out at


Tricia Smith said...

Thank You soooo much! Hope you like the recipes . . . I only added the ones that passed my food storage favorites test!