Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference Pumpkin Hunt!

 Here’s How to Play:
After each session of conference you will hide pumpkins,
one for each of the speakers during that session
either in the house or the yard.
You could change the location everytime
just to keep things fun.
Each pumpkin will have a number.
I have include a sheet that you will fill in during conference.
The blank one is for the kids to fill out during each session.
They can fill one in as well to use as a cheat-sheet for the game.
They won’t even realize that they are paying attention.
They might think they're just going for the prize . . .
How great is it that we know the prize is not only temporal . . .
but ETERNAL as well!
Now it’s time for the hunt!
Send the kids on a hunt to find the numbered pumpkins
you have hidden.
They only get the prize if they can answer the questions
that go with that pumpkins number.
You may want to divide the prizes into different groups. 
Little candies for part of the answer
and Dollar Store prizes for complete answers!
That might make them pay a little closer attention
to the next session.
Here are the Questions:
Who was the speaker?
What the topic was?
and a
Bonus Question written by YOU!
I think for my bonus questions I'm going to write down
1 or 2 scriptures referenced by the speaker
and work on them between now and the next session of conference.
I have also included some Music Pumpkins and Cards:
I just bought some prizes from the Dollar Store.
You can use REAL pumpkins or the PAPER ones
I've included in the PDF.
Copy, Cut, and Laminate!
Here's the PDF:
Conference Pumpkin Search Packet PDF

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