Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tick . . . Tack . . . Turkey!

This game is played like Tick...Tack...Toe,
but with a Thanksgiving Twist!
It's a great way to keep little ones busy while
you finish up the Thanksgiving Feast!
Playing Card:
Game Pieces:
Here's the PDF:
Game Boards:
To Make the Game:
Print the PDF
Cut Pieces
Add Velcro
(The loop side to the card and the hook side to the pieces.)
You can also use a cookie sheet and magnets
instead of the velcro if you would like.
Hope you have FUN playing this game
with your little TURKEY'S!


L Johnson said...

Cute idea!

Becky said...

Seriously adorable!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the simple games/ideas that you are bring back but in a whole new and wonderfully creative way. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What font is that on game and game pieces? It is adorable!

Tricia Smith said...

It's a homemade font!
You can make your own at fontifier.com.
It costs around $9.00.

hollyshome said...

You are so very talented. I love all of your ideas. I would like to link into your page from my site. I hope you don't mind.