Monday, October 4, 2010

Primary Theme and Scripture FHE: Come Unto Christ!

Here's the Scripture:
Opening Prayer:
Moroni 10:32
"Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him"
Opening Song:
"Called to Serve"
Children's Songbook Page 174
I have always felt the best way to show love to others
is to share the gospel with them.
Help family members appreciate missionaries and prepare to serve.
Place a world map or globe in the center of the room.
Obtain eight to ten temple pictures (or put their names on a
strip of paper) from around the world and place
them around the map.
Here's a Link for some Temple Pictures:
(Scroll all the way down and you will find all the temples.)
Tell you family that Heavenly Father has commanded
all the prophets to send missionaries to many countries.
Ask your family members the following questions:
How does Heavenly Father show love for His children?
Why does Heavenly Father want missionaries in every nation?
What do missionaries teach?
Why is it important that everyone prepare to be a missionary?
Tell your family that because Heavenly Father loves the
people of every country, he has sent missionaries out to preach
the gospel.  Those who accept the gospel can become
ready for the blessings of the temple.
Many years ago there were just a few temples on the earth.
Now there are many temples in the world that can provide those
blessings to the followers of Jesus.
Have your family match the temple to the correct country.
As temple and country are matched, connect them with string.
Tell your family that Heavenly Father loves the
missionaries because they are his servants.
He wants them to teach the gospel because he loves all of
his children and wants them to have all the blessings of the gospel.
6,000 Miles to Bring a Message
One day [Elder Hugh B. Brown] was going door to door in
Norwich, England.
He knocked on a door and received no answer.  Through an open
window he saw a woman sitting in her living room,
knitting.  He knocked again, but she still didn't answer.  What he
didn't know was that she had spotted him, recognized that he was
a Mormon missionary, and decided not to go to the door.
But Elder Brown was not so easily ignored.  He wanted her to
hear what he had to say.  So he walked around her house and knocked
hard, with his walking stick, on the back door.
Needless to say, the woman flew to her door and gave the missionary
quite a talking to.  Elder Brown later wrote:
When she did stop, I said, "My dear lady, I apologize
for having annoyed you, but our Heavenly Father sent me 6,000 miles
to bring you a message, and inasmuch as he sent me I can't
go home until I give you that message."
After telling her the story of Joseph Smith and the restoration
of the gospel to the earth, he apologized again for disturbing
her.  The he added, "Sister, when you and I meet again,
and we will meet again, you are going to say, 'Thank you, and thank
God that you came to my back door and insisted on speaking
to me.'"
Ten years later, Hugh Brown was in England again, this time
as a soldier in World War I.  A conference was scheduled
in Norwich, but the mission president was sick and couldn't attend.
He called Major Brown to see if he could go fill in.
He did so willingly.  At the end of the meeting, a
woman came up to see him.  Tears rolled down her cheeks
as she kissed his hand.  She said:
I do thank God that you came to my door ten years ago.  When you left that day,
I thought about what you had said.  I couldn't get it out of my mind. 
I was fighting it, but I couldn't sleep that night.
I kept thinking, 'God has sent a message to me.' . . . I tried to
find the missionaries from the address on the tract you left,
and when I found them, you had returned to Canada.
We continued to investigate until my daughter and I
joined the church.
Elder Brown was deeply touched, and he remembered all
the doors he had knocked on during his mission - and all of
the rejections.  He wondered whether other people he had
taught had later accepted the gospel.
Pray together as a family for missionary opportunities.
We don't have to be set apart as a missionary
to invite others to come unto Christ.
Make a Missionary Savings Bank
Write to Missionaries Serving form your Family or Ward.
Invite the Missionaries to Dinner.
Closing Prayer:
Here's the PDF:
Time For Treats:
Popcorn and Hot Chocolate with Floating Marshmallow Ghosts!
You can use any of the Halloween Peeps,
the results are always Ammmmmazing!
Have a Great Night!


Teri said...

I was on your site looking for the chore charts. I have a son and a daughter so I wanted to print out the knight and the princess chore charts that I have seen here previous but I can only find the knight chore princess one? Could you help me out?

Tricia Smith said...

Here's the link to the Princess Chart. It was posted Wednesday, June 2nd.

Hope that helps!