Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin . . . Pumpkin . . . Who's Got the Pumpkin?

I can remember playing,
Button . . . Button . . . Who's Got the Button
when I was just a wee one.
I loved it mostly because I thought I was so sneaky!
(I seriously LOVE sneaking around trying to scare my boys, especially my Dave!)
I always tried to hold a straight face,
but it never failed . . . EVERY TIME I got the button
I would start to giggle.
The same thing happens to me now.
If I'm hiding and trying to be sneaky . . . I can always count
on getting a serious case of the giggles.
You know what they say, "Laughter Is The Best Medicine!"
So . . . here's your daily does!
Pumpkin Front Side:
I Do! - Pumpkin Back Side:
Spider Front Side:
Not Me! - Spider Back Side:
The best part about this game, is that everyone ends up
holding something, but . . .
will end up with the
Hope this new twist "PUMPKIN . . . PUMPKIN" gives
YOU and YOUR little ones a serious case of the giggles too!
To Make the Game You Will Need:
A Printed Copy of the PDF
(I printed mine on Crack n' Peel)
1 1/2" Wooden Discs
Sponge Brush
Black Spray Paint
Mod Podge
That's It!
Paint your disc black.
Cut the Pumpkin from the page and attach it to the disc.
Cut the "I DO!" from the page and attach it to the other side of the disc.
Using a sponge brush, apply some of the Mod Podge to
each side of the disc to cover the paper.
Allow each side to dry completely before turning to do the other side.
Now you're ready to play . . . HAVE FuN!


Bybee's said...

Another great design from you Tricia! Way to be creative. You amaze me.

Tricia Smith said...

Bybes . . . You're making me cry!
You know I think you're ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

so fun...I recently stumbled onto your blog from the idea room....i am in absolute all the FHE ideas ( I have a two year old) and Halloween Games!!

irbuanosraL said...

So fun! Thanks!

CindyG said...

Here is a dumb question: How do you play the game i have never heard of Button Button Who has the button game. Thanks, Cindy

Tricia Smith said...

To play the game, have everyone sit in a circle, facing the inside of the circle. One person will sit in the middle of the circle. That's the person who will be doing the guessing. The button or "Pumpkin" is passes from person to person, behind the backs of the people in the circle. You can pass the button to music or you can have the person in the middle close their eyes and count to twenty (or whatever) and then everyone has to stop passing the button, and bring their hands in front of them fist down (so they don't drop the "Pumpkin") The person in the center tries to guess who ended up with the "Pumpkin". That person will touch the top of the hand he thinks is holding the button. They will keep going until they find the button. Whoever ended up with the "Pumpkin" is the next one to be it.
Clear as mud?!? It really is a lot of fun!
I guess it's kind of like a grown up version of DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE!
Hope that helps!

CindyG said...


Lachelle said...

Why can't I print any of these? It takes me to a link but that link doesn't let me download or anything.

Prepared Not Scared said...

Google no longer stores the PDF files so they were all changed over to Media Fire. If you look in the top right side of the screen you will see 2010 folders in blue. You can do a search in any of the folders and you will be able to find any of the PDF files on the blog.
I reposted All of the Halloween games and ideas to make it easier.
Here's a link to that post:
Here's the Pumpkin...Pumpkin Link:
Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the dumb question - been a while since I've played kid games:-) Do you just have one button that the kids pass around or do you pass around the 'Not Me' buttons too. Doing this for a class of 20.

Prepared Not Scared said...

The "Not Me" buttons are if you want to play it in reverse, so that all but one of the players has a button. This was perfect for tween-agers. It makes it a lot harder to guess who has the button! So, to answer your can play with one "I Do" button, or you can all but one person hold a "Not Me" button.
Hope that helps!