Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glowing Ghost Decor!

So, I have a few extra tomato cages left over from
my garden and I was thinking . . . if I add a head and some lights
they would make the PERFECT GHOST!

Here it is at night!

It Worked!!!
Here's What You'll Need to Make This Project:
Tomato Cages
Clear White Lights on White Wires
Black Sticky Back Felt
(I got this at Walmart.)
White Fabric or an Old White Sheet
(I got mine at Walmart . . . way cheap!)
Grapevine Balls
(I got mine from Robert's)
Adhesive Back Rhinestones
(OK . . . so I guess I got everything but the tomato cages and grapevine balls at Walmart!)
To Make the Ghosts:
Wire the grapevine balls to the bottoms of the tomato cages.

Tomato cages can be cut to different sizes using wire cutters.
Add lights to the inside of the head and body of the ghost.

I just used some of my ribbon to tie the lights to the cage.
Cover the head with an extra piece of material or fleece.
Use white fabric to cover the entire ghost body.
(I used some of my old sheets.  They don't need to be cut.)

Make sure to stick some of the lights into the grapevine head.

Tie the ribbon around the neck of the ghost.
I tied ribbon on the first ghost, but not on the ones on my front porch.
I decided to take the mouth off . . . It works either way.
 Cut 2 eyes and a mouth out of the sticky-back felt.
Attach the eyes and mouth to the ghost's head.
I added some rhinestones to the eyes of the ghost.
I'll take a picture of the ghosts tonight so you can see the full effect!
Here It Is:

I like them best without the ribbon and without the mouth!
Plug them in and your Glowing Ghosts are ready for Halloween!
Super CUTE . . . Super FUN . . . Super EASY!


Anonymous said...

Very very cute!!
from Calif.

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks! They were fun to make!

Bybee's said...

Ummmmm, yes, beyond cute Trish. Now you make me want to make some!! D.I. shopping for me for tomato cages. NICE one!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks Valerie!
Look for some old white sheets while you're there . . . or even better, you can just take me with you! LOVE the D.I.!

A.Larson said...

Oh how cute! I really needed a little project this weekned, and I think I am going to do this! I will post pictures on my blog if you want to see. Thanks for the inspiration, and I LOVE your blog!!!

Tricia Smith said...

Thank You!
I can't wait to see the pics!