Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Activity - Vampires At Dark!

Vampires At Dark
is a great Halloween game you can play inside,
SO... it's a fun way to entertain the fam when it's too cold
to play outside.
Here's How To Play the Game:
Each person picks a card, looks at it,
and then lays it on the table face down without
telling anyone what was on the card.
Only one person will get the Vampire Card.
That person is "The Vampire" but is NOT supposed to let anyone know.
The rest of the players will get a
Now you play the game like hide and seek, but the Vampire
(or in Hide and Seek it would be the person that was chosen to be it)
will hide along with everyone else.
Now it gets FUN . . .
The vampire will look for the other players.
When he finds one he whispers, "I'm the Vampire!"
(That's when you find out who's it!)
The person caught has to scream and is now working with the
Vampire to catch the other players.
Keep going until all the players have been caught!
BY THE WAY . . .
You play the game in the dark,
so it's even more SpOoKy when you hear the screams.
This game is soooooo stinkin' fun!
Here's the PDF:
To Make the Cards:
There is a front and back side to the cards,
so print one side, flip the page over and print the other side.
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Doty Family said...

You are so crafty and so talented! Thanks for alway's sharing your ideas. I've been making things off your blog like crazy for Halloween party's. Thanks a million!

Tricia Smith said...

Thank You soooo much! You made my day!
Hope all your parties turn out AMAZING!

Becky said...

What a cute idea!!!! I'm not sure how I found your blog but I absolutely LOVE it!!!! You've really inspired me to get prepared and yet the fun ideas and holiday games are fabulous! Keep them coming!!!!!!

Keri said...

i am posting so many of your ideas over at my blog-
you are SO creative!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your clever ideas. I want to copy the vampires at dark game but the PDF file either isn't there or won't open. Any suggestions? thanks!

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I just re-posted all of the Halloween games and the PDF files. Here's that link:
Hope that helps!