Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Activity - It's Going To Be A "BOO"-tiful Night!

Tonight's Family Activity
Is All About GHOSTS!
Ghost in the Graveyard
I was just taking a trip down Halloween MEMORY LANE
and remembered a game we used to play all the time.
Ghost in the Graveyard!
We would play for hours in the back yard.
It took me a minute to remember the rules . . . In fact,
I actually had to google it.
Here's the Link to the Game Rules and Instructions
just in case it's been a while for you too!
Here's a game that might be more fun for the little ones.
It's a Ghost Hunt!
I made some numbered ghosts that can be printed, cut, laminated,
attached to tongue depressors.
Stick the ghosts in hiding places in the yard or around the house.
Here's an example of the ghost:
You can cut the ghost out if you would like
or you can leave the gray around it . . . either way
It's Ready To Go!
 The ghosts come in two different sizes.
Larger ones for the tinies.
Smaller ones for bigger kids.
Here's the Ghost Hunt Packet PDF:
"BOO"-ling anyone?!?
(Pictures and Instructions Coming . . . Tomorrow!)
You Will Need:
Water Bottles
White Fabric
(Paper Towels or Toilet Paper will work too!)
Black Felt
Googley Eyes
A Ball
Here's another FUN Game:
Ghost Story Dice
I love ghost stories . . . although I have to admit,
my husband and I (and our boys) are the biggest chickens
that ever lived, so we tell FUN ghost stories.
You Can Let the Dice Help YOU
Tell A SpOoKy Story!
Each side of the dice has a different part of the story.
Side 1:
Like Dracula, Wanda the Witch, the Ghastly Ghost . . . etc.
Side 2:
Like the Haunted Mansion, The Graveyard, In A Coffin . . . etc.
Side 3:
Like Vampire Teeth, Bat Wings, A Witches Broom . . . etc.
Side 4:
Like Making a Potion, Cackling like a Witch, Dancing like Dracula . . . etc.
Side 5:
You Choose
Whatever you want to add to the story!
Side 6:
Yay . . . Candy!!!
Here's the PDF:
You Will Need:
A printed copy of the PDF
(I printed mine on Crack n' Peel.)
1 Wooden Block
(2 1/2 - 3-inch size)
Attach each square to one of the sides of the block.

Now you're ready to play.
Here's How You Play:
Have everyone sit in a circle facing each other.
Place a bowl of candy in the center of the circle.
Each person takes a turn rolling the dice.
If the dice lands on PERSON the person who rolled it
has to add a person to the story.
It's an add-on Ghost Story.
Everyone gets a turn to add to it, depending on what you roll with the dice.
If you roll and get the word TREAT.
Everyone yells, "TREAT"  and gets to take a piece of candy.
Next roll . . . the story over all over again!
This is a PERFECT Game for School Parties!
We're not through yet!
There's one more way to make GHOSTS a part of your
Family Activity.
Ghost Suckers!
Sorry about the glare from the cellophane.
I had to hurry and wrap them before the boys finished ALL OF THEM off.
They were eating them as fast as they were making them!
 You Will Need:
A Squeeze Bottle
(You can find these at the Dollar Store or the Craft Store.)
White Chocolate Pieces or White Chocolate Chips
Mini Chocolate Chips
White Sprinkles
Tongue Depressors

Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20 second intervals.
(I melted mine right in the squeeze bottle.)
Lay tongue depressors out on a piece of tin foil.
Squeeze Ghost shapes onto the tongue depressors.
Add the eyes and some sprinkles.
Wait for them to set up.
(You can put them in the fridge to speed things along.)
That's It!
Super Cute and Super Easy!
They make fun gifts for Visiting Teaching and are perfect for stirring hot chocolate.
Pure Creamy Goodness!
Have a "BOO"-tiful Night!


Hansen Household said...

I love all the wonderful things you do on your blog. You have a wonderful talent and I appreciate that you share them with all of us who are better left to click and print. I just have one silly little question. Where do you get Crack n Peel?

Tricia Smith said...

I get my Crack n' Peel at Office Max. It's AWESOME!!! You can also get it at Alphagraphics in Bountiful.
Hope that helps!

Heidi said...

You have the CUTEST idea's ever!!! I just found your page and love it! Everything looks like so much fun to do with my family! THANKS

Sandee Spencer said...

Love your ideas but help! Can't get the Ghost story dice pdf link to work!

Prepared Not Scared said...

Try this link:
I reposted all of the Halloween games and ideas onto this new link.
Have a good one!

Sarah said...

This is the 2nd year I have used your WONDERFUL ideas and been the "fun room Mom" and totally pass on your page. All the credit is yours! Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas. My kids even have friends that come over and want to play the games at our house!

Unknown said...

WOW. Just found your site thru Pinterest. You are WILDY creative (& talented, obvs)! LOVE the ideas, but most of all THANK YOU for being so selfless with your talents as to SHARE your PDF's with the rest of us who couldn't make them NEARLY as adorable!