Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preparedness Project - Dutch Oven Barrels!

Today's Project Is:
A Barrel Cooker!
This simple barrel can cut your cook time
as well as the amount of briquettes used . . . IN HALF!
All You Need To Make This Project Is:
A Used Clean 55 Gallon Barrel.
Used 55 gallon barrels can be purchased
for between $15-25.00.
Drill with a 1/2-inch drill bit.
You will need to drill holes into each of the sections of the barrel.
(Shown Below!)
The top layer of the barrel will have 12-15 holes.
The second layer will have 10-12 holes.
The third layer will have 8-10 holes.
This will be reversed when in use!
To Use the Barrel Cooker:
If your barrel comes with a lid,
this will need to be removed before using.
Simply turn the barrel over and cover your
Dutch Ovens while they are cooking.
Keep the Dutch oven items that take the
longest amount of time to cook on the bottom,
and the Dutch ovens with a shorter cooking time
closer to the top.
The barrel will help to keep the heat
around your Dutch ovens.
That's what cuts the cooking time in half.
You will only need about
1/2 of the briquettes you normally use as well.
Layer them under the Dutch ovens and on the lids
like you normally do.
Stack Dutch Ovens on top of each other
and then cover with the barrel.
Wooden handles can be added to the sides of the barrel
to make it easier to lift, but it's not necessary.
Is that COOL or What!?!
Dutch Ovens and supplies can be stored 
INSIDE the barrel cooker when not in use.
Dutch Oven Caterers Swear By It!

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Anonymous said...

So... Just to be certain, the 8-10 holes becomes the top when in use. Right?
Very cool.