Saturday, October 9, 2010

There's a Witch Too!

I couldn't forget Wanda the Witch!
She's missing her WARTS
and needs some help
putting them back where they belong!
Here She Is:
YouWill Need To:
Print, Laminate, and Cut out each of her lovely warts!
Use poster putty to attach the warts to the poster.
Here's the PDF:
Wanda the Witch's Warts Packet PDF
(Check below for an extra PDF with BIGGER WARTS!)
Watch for a NEW BOO GAME
Coming MONDAY!
It's like Bingo for the TINIES or PreSchoolers!
Yay . . . Sooo Exciting!
Here's the New Wart PDF:
Wanda's Big Warts PDF
These should work a lot better for little hands!
I added a new page of WARTS.

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Bybee's said...

Yah! Of COURSE this is adorable too. Love it Trish!