Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Ghosts That Only Take 5 MINUTES!

Seriously . . . this project only takes
I know, because I timed it!
You Will Need:
1 Small Votive Candle Holder
1 Fancy Glass
Cheese Cloth
(I got mine at Walmart for $3.00 and I was able to do 4 Ghosts with that!)
Black Adhesive Jewels for the Eyes
Glitter Spray
Black Mesh Ribbon
A Battery Operated Votive Candle
To Make the Ghost:
Unwrap the cheese cloth.
You will also want to unfold it so that it is wider.
Once you've unfolded it, you'll want to fold it in half
the opposite way.
Put the glass votive upside down on top of the
base of your upside down fancy glass.
(I set mine on a bowl that I turned upside down to give it some more height.)
Put the cheese cloth on top and adjust it so that
it lays nicely on the votive . . . which is now the ghosts head.
Use the black mesh ribbon as if it were a tie on the ghost's neck.
Cut the folded edges of the cheese cloth, leaving
all raw edges.
Spray the whole ghost with glitter spray including the ribbon.
Add some jewels for eyes.  I used two different sizes.
The battery operated votive candle will also sit on the base
of the fancy glass.
When the candle is going . . . it will look like the ghost's mouth.
(At least it would if my camera was working!)
Super Cute and Fast!!!!
(It's cheap too . . . but that will be our little secret!)
Here's what it looks like on my table:
You can see the little flecks of glitter in this one!
See, I told you it was EASY!

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Designs By Pinky said...

60I saw this on Pinterest and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing this. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky PS, if you turn oFF word verification you should get ALOT more comments. many people will not leave a comment when word verification is on.