Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Family Evacuation Plan!

How fast could you get out of the
house if there was an
Emergency Evacuation?
What would you take?
What should you do before you leave?
Here are a few things FEMA has learned
from trial and error
during actual emergency evacuation situations:
If you are asked to evacuate, please do so as quickly as possible.
Wear protective clothing and sturdy shoes.
Take your emergency kit, and medications for at least
72 hours.  Even though it may appear to you that you will
only be gone for a few hours, be prepared for longer.
Once you leave, you may not be allowed to return to your home.
Leash or cage pets and take them with you if possible.
However, most shelters will not accept pets. 
Some animal hospitals may be willing to board your pets. 
If you take them with you, be sure to take their food, water
and other items they will need.
Make a list of possibilities for boarding your pets.
Lock all doors and windows. 
Don't Forget to take the KEYS!
Be sure ALL appliances (large or small) are turned off;
and candles are out.
Leave a note as to where you have gone and what family members
are with you.
Follow travel routes recommended by local authorities to reach the
Evacuation "Reception" Center.
Please go straight to the evacuation "reception" center and
Check In.  Let them know where you are going if you leave to go
to another location (a realitive's home, motel, etc.)
Do Not Return home until local authorities say
that it is safe to do so.
You may be given a few minutes
to gather some extra things.
Plan ahead so you know what is most important to take with you.
Think about things that are irreplaceable in case your home is
destroyed and/or you are not able to return, such as journals,
family photos, scrapbooks, family heirlooms, family records  . . .
Write down the thing of top priority and their location.
Here's the PDF for you to fill out:
Keep the COMPLETED form where it is easy to
see and remember.
Review it often with your family!
Here's a great video for you to watch.
Which family would YOU be?
Fill this paper out TODAY and REVIEW it with your family.

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