Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Activity - Take a Family Penny Hike!

Have you ever taken a
Penny Hike?
They're alot of fun and they only cost 1 Penny!
Gather the Family and . . .
take a hike around the block. Each time you come
to a new street . . . flip the coin.
Heads you turn Right,
Tails you turn Left.
It's as simple as that!
The goal is to: Get Back HOME,
using as few flips as possible.
The sooner you get home . . . the sooner you can dish up
one of these AMAZING Cookies.
They're called:
Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies
Just a little piece of HEAVEN!
Here's the Recipe PDF:
(This is a great Food Storage Recipe!)
You may have to do the best 2 out of 3 flips to get
going back in the right direction.
Add your LUCKY PENNY to you Family Journal
along with some pictures or a map of the path
you took on your hike.
By the Way . . .
This is a perfect FHE Object Lesson on Making Decisions,
you get into a tough situation.
Explain the importance of deciding what you will do
in different situations, long before you get there.
For Example:
If you decide to keep the Word of Wisdom at an early age,
when you are placed in that situation, you will already
know what you will do!
Flipping a coin to make a decision, or putting our choices
into someone elses hands like friends or giving in to peer pressure,
can lead us far
away from our original destination.
Make decisions before you need to . . . so that YOU are the
one to decide where YOU will end up!
My Mom had a GREAT IDEA for the Penny Hike!
Her idea was to . . .
Make a few plates of cookies to take with you on your hike.
Pick a number between 1-10.
Take your penny hike as usual
and when you get to the number you chose . . .
Keep going until all of the cookie plates are gone.
Way FUN!
(Thanks MOM)


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! I'm thinkin we'll give this a try next FHE!!! Thanks..

Stephanie said...

I just ran into your blog and can I just say I LOVE IT! All the tips, advice, FHE ideas, food storage prep, and this great binder! Oh I love it! Keep up the great work, and thanks so much! :D