Monday, May 10, 2010

Safety & Preparedness Family Home Evening - Stengthening Our Families!

Strong Families Can Do ANYTHING!
We really do need each other
and a STRONG FAMILY is one of the most amazing
tools for success in any EMERGENCY or TRIAL
we may be faced with!
If you don't already have a Family Mission Statement,
or a Family Flag . . . Tonight Is The Night!
This is a picture of the
David Smith Family Flag:
Our Family Mission Statement Is:
Be Prepared
Physically and Spiritually
B: Be Temple Worthy
E: Educate Yourself

P: Pray Always
R: Remember Who You Are and What You Stand For
E: Exercise Faith and Courage as You Live the Gospel Standards
P: Plan and Prepare by Setting and Achieving Righteous Goals
A: Always Remember Him By Keeping Your Covenants
R: Read, Ponder, and Apply the Scriptures to Your Life
E: Endure to the End. Eternal Families NEVER QUIT!
D: Dedicate Yourself to the Lord's Work
It took some time for us to come up with a
Mission Statement
that we felt best represented the goals of our Family.
This one was perfect for us!
Everyone in the family contributed to our Family Flag.
We assigned each family member a color.
The "Color System" is used a lot in our home.
If you noticed that there is an extra person on
my flag . . . I'm not announcing anything . . . Just Hoping!
The purple strip under my husband's name will list:
Missions Served in Our Family
along with Places and Dates they Served.
The Pink Strip under my name will list:
The Family Members who have read
The Book of Mormon, Recieved their Faith in God,
Duty to God, and Personal Progress Awards.
The Strips under each of my boys names will list:
The name of their wife and the day they were married.
The names of their children and their birthday.
The kids didn't want to leave anyone out,
so we included a place to list the names of our pets.
For Family Home Evening Tonight:
Start with an Opening Prayer:
Scripture: "As for me and my house . . . we will serve the Lord"
Opening Song:  Families Can Be Together Forever
Pull out the paper, pencils and crayons.
Have everyone in the family list the things they think
are important to your family.
Have everyone draw a picture of what they think
best represents your family.
Have everyone share what they have drawn and written.
Decide as a family how you can put it all together
to make your family flag.
You don't have to come up with your flag in one night.
It took us a while . . . but we had a lot of fun along the way!
Closing Prayer:
Don't Forget to write in your Family Home Evening Journal!
Here are a few more ideas to help
Strengthen Families:
as well as 
Meeting regularly with the members of your family all together,
one on one, and as husband and wife will help to keep
everyone on the same page and working together.
Sunday is a great day for Family Council and Personal Interviews.
Date Night is a great time to hold Couples Council.
My parent's would ever-so-gently lure us in for our
Personal Interviews with chocolate.
They were two very clever people . . . It worked EVERY TIME!
Here's the Family Home Evening Treat:
Strawberries and Dip!
You Will Need:
Sour Cream
Brown Sugar
Pour the Sour Cream into a bowl.
Pour the Brown Sugar into a seperate bowl.
Dip the strawberries into the sour cream
and then the brown sugar!
It's the BEST!!!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas, thanks for posting your PDF files too :) I love it all!!

Stephanie said...

I love your blog! I recently discovered it through Sugardoodle. Just wondering- how do I get the PDF's for these forms? I arrange monthly classes in our ward- would you ever be willing to come and teach? We would love to have you and we are in the Farmington 1st Ward- so nice and close!
Stephanie P.

kimber said...

the pdf is not working! thanks kimber

Prepared Not Scared said...

The PDF is fixed! Thanks for letting me know.

Prepared Not Scared said...

I would love to teach a class for the Farmington 1st Ward!
My email is:
Let me know the date you would like me to come.

thegirlwiththeplan said...

I love it! We have been working on creating our own family mission statement. I love the way you have chosen to display yours and the things important to your family.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic family flag, how do you intend to enter the info? Embroidery (hand or machine), Sharpie? I am so thrilled that I found this site, I have forwarded it to all of my friends so they can all benefit from your efforts, you are amazing. I like your family mission statement also, did you hear this elsewhere or are you that creative and came up with it all by yourselves! You are an amazing person.

Tricia Smith said...

I'm actually going to print them onto fabric from my computer. I'm going to put a felt backing on them and attach them to the flag with a button on each side. I'll add a picture to the post so you can see what I mean.
You could also use a permanent marker. I would probably choose a white fabric marker for darker fabrics.
We came up with the mission statement during FHE. I was surprised at the things my boys came up with. It took me a minute to put all of their great ideas together, but it turned out to be exactly what we were hoping for!
Hope that helps . . . Thanks for your sweet comments!