Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vital Records - Family ID and Fingerprint Pages!

We will be finishing up the Family Section of the
Vital Records Binder TODAY!
The last 3 items needed in the Family Section are:
Child ID and DNA
Here is a link for the DNA Kit and Toothprints Wafer:
This wafer will also hold the Child's DNA.
(The DNA is the saliva they will leave on the
wafer when they make their toothprints.) 
 Front Side
Back Side
 Fingerprint Cards or Pages
and the
Scanned Vital Records CD:
 Which includes all Legal Documents.
I'm saving my Legal Documents to a Memory Stick
as well as a CD.
(You may want to make an extra copy.)
Use double-sided tape to adhere the CD envelope to
the Vital Records divider page.
I just put the tape on the outside of the envelope flap
so that my CD wouldn't fall out, but I will still have access to it. 
Here's the PDF:
Next Week's Section is all about . . . Finances!

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