Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vital Records - Family Documents!

This Week's Assignment is all about
Family Documents!
You will need to gather:
Certificates of Adoption,
Birth Certificates,
Citizenship Records,
Divorce Documents,
Marriage Certificate,
Death Certificates,
Copies of Driver's Licenses,
Social Security Cards,
Military Records.
Here's the PDF:
You can purchase adhesive pockets to hold
Social Security Cards at any office supply store.
We will be able to complete this section by next week!
Keep up the GOOD WORK!


The Stefanoff's said...

I just need to tell you how absolutely WONDERFUL your blog is! I LOVE IT!!! It really gets me in the mood to be more productive! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!!!! :)

Tricia Smith said...

Just brought a tear to my eyeball!
Thanks Stefanoff's!

Crystal Dever said...

I tried emailing you but it didn't go through, so I'll post it here:

I was wondering if I could ask you something... Thank you again for all the
work you've done with this... Every time I work on it it gives me such a
sense of peace knowing that I'm getting all of this together and I'm so
grateful you've put it all together for us. Truly amazing. I can't wait
for the CD!

I was wondering if you recommended keeping only copies of stuff in our
binder, and keeping the originals in a fire-safe box or something... Stuff
like birth and marriage certificates, passports, etc. I haven't read
through all of the posts so I'm sorry if you've already answered this...

Thank you so much!