Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A House of Order and FUN: "HOP To It!" Chore Frogs

Summer can be alot of FUN and alot of WORK.
I will be posting several different Job Chart Options
during the next few weeks to help
you get ready for the Summer Break.
"Hop To It!" Chore Frogs
are a FUN way to get kids to do their jobs.

You Will Need:
Tongue Depressors
Double-Sided Tape
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
2 Clean Soup Cans
Paint (optional)
A Copy of the Frog Jobs PDF
Here's the PDF:
(The labels included in the PDF above are for a larger can.)
I added more Label Sizes to a second PDF.
Here's that PDF:
(I'm trying to make it so that you can type your own JOB STRIPS
so hang in there a little bit longer on those!)
Cut out each of the frogs.
(I leave a little bit of a white edge . . . just for SaNiTy reasons.)
Laminate the Frogs.
Cut out the Chore Assignments.
Attatch the Chore Assignment Strips with Mod Podge
to the Tongue Depressors.
Make sure you leave room on the top for the frog.
You can paint the tongue depressors before you add the
chore assignment strips, if you would like.
Cut out and Laminate the Chore Frog Labels.
Attach 1 label to each can with double sided tape.
Attach a frog to the top of each tongue depressor with double-sided tape.
The Chore Frogs will start out in the "JOBS TO DO" can,
and as the jobs are completed they will
"HOP" into the "I DID IT!" can.
 Mark the Weekly Job Chart each time they do ALL of their jobs.
(I laminated mine and I use a Wet Erase Marker to
mark completed jobs.  I just use wet wipe to clean it off so that it's
ready for a new week!)
Watch for another option with the Chore Frogs Tomorrow!
I'm working on a PRINCESS Job Chart for the little girls.
(I've never had to make one of those before . . . So Exciting!)
I will also be posting the
(I got the wrong color of thread
so it will take me a minute to finish it.)


Natalie said...

Wow. Wow. WOW! I was referred to this blog by a friend because I am wanting to put together a family emergency binder.... and I am just blown away by how many wonderful, prepared, user-friendly ideas that you have and are willing to share! I've been looking up job chart ideas recently too. I'm so excited to continue to check back and to be inspired. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these!

Tricia Smith said...

Thank You sooo much!
I'm glad to hear you're working on your binder.

dougandcheryl said...

I love your blog!! I just found it and am in awe and so excited to go through the whole thing.
I can't wait to see the Princess themed chore chart. I love this frog one but my little princess would probably like the princess one best!

Debbie said...

What an awesome blog! I love it! I came across it from a link on my ward's RS website. I have a food storage blog I write, so we're totally on the same page. Once I get a 'link' page up on my site, I am definitely putting your blog on! What great and *CUTE* resources!!! :) This chart is adorable!!

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks Debbie!
You'll have to let me know what your blog is!

Rachel Adams said...

Can you please tell me where these are on the new folders? I am wanting to use this idea for my 6 year old. Thanks so much!