Friday, May 7, 2010

Preserve It . . . Canning Corner - Rootbeer Jelly!

If you love Rootbeer, you'll love this
canning recipe for:
Rootbeer Jelly!
You can also use:
Cream Soda or other Flavored Sodas
and BEST of all . . .
You can even make Dr. Pepper Jelly!
(I'm sure it cooks the caffine right out.)
Can you imagine the possibilities with all
of the different flavors of soda.
I just think canning is soooo ExCiTiNg!
Here's How You Make It:
2 cups Root Beer Soda
(or whatever soda you choose)
6 cups Sugar
1 cup Water
1 Bottle Liquid Pectin
Combine all ingredients EXCEPT pectin.
Heat to boiling stirring to dissolve sugar.
Add pectin.
Stir consantly and bring to a boil and boil hard for
30 seconds.
Ladle into clean hot jars and process in a
Waterbath Canner for 7 minutes.
Check to make sure all the jars have sealed
by tapping the lids.
Store any unsealed jars in the fridge.
Here's the Recipe PDF:

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