Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dry Pack Cannery Order Form!

It's that time again . . .
Can I get a Woot, Woot?!?
We are not for sure on the Dry Pack Cannery Date,
but it will most likely be in the 2nd week of July.
Here's a link to check prices and print the order form:
If you are interested in going,
Please fill out the form and return it to:
Diane Thomas, Alicia Smith, or Tricia Smith
By June 20th!
We will be ordering
Shelf-Stable Milk from Gossner's
This Month.
Watch for Order Forms Next Sunday!
The Cream and the Half n' Half are AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog but don't live in Utah. I was wondering if there is a website where I could buy the shelf stable milk? Thanks

Tricia Smith said...

They do orders on-line and offer FREE SHIPPING!
Main Office
1051 North 1000 West
Logan, Utah 84321
Fax 435-713-6200
800-944-0454 Toll Free
Hope that helps!