Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chocolate Raspberry Sundae Topping Labels!

If you would like to add a label to your
Chocolate Raspberry Sundae Sauce Jar
Here's the PDF:
Chocolate Raspberry Sundae Topper Jar Labels PDF
It's a great gift for Teacher's and Visiting Teachers!
Wide Mouth and Regular Jar Labels are included
in the PDF!


Natalie said...

Question for you (you are such a great resource!) Can most things be bottled? I love the chocolate sundae topper in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Could I make a bunch of it and bottle it? Thanks.

Tricia Smith said...

I always check with the U of U Extension first, just to make sure!

*A* said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Thank you for doing this!!

Tricia Smith said...


alfred said...

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