Thursday, May 20, 2010

The READY Bingo Game Is Here!!!!

It's FINALLY Done!
The PDF includes:
6 Pages of Calling Cards
38 READY Bingo Cards
Here are the PDF's:
I will still be posting the Family Activity
Part 1 of the Day Keeper! 
This is the greatest day EVER!
(Good Luck on your Relief Society Meeting Tonight Kat!)


Rogers said...

I tried opening the PDF links, and it wouldn't work. Any ideas?

Tricia Smith said...

It takes a while to download each PDF. The files are very large!
I just checked it and it worked, but I did have to wait for a minute or two.
Let me know if you're still having problems.

Meg Stout said...

We're having a "Survivor" ward activity and we proposed a preparedness bingo game - I was getting set to do one up from scratch, and happened to find this.

Awesome! I've downloaded the PDFs and should be ready to go -

FWIW, we're in Northern Virginia, so no popping by Alphagraphics in Bountiful for us...

KAM Chapman said...

OH MY WORD! I am Just about to freak out at how excited I am to use these!!! I can't be loud excited 'cause the kids are in bed, but I really wanna do a happy dance right now. What a fantastic idea! I had NEVER thought of something like that, but I think my kids are gonna LOVE it. We are in Utah and the is a statewide faux earthquake coming up. I think these will be on my agenda for family time that night while we dive into our 72-hour kits! Thank you, thank you!

Katrina said...

Hey Trish I figured out how to get the ready bingo! I am so excited to do this game tomorrow for RS. Thank you for all the time you spent putting it together! Katrina