Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vital Records - Estate Planning!

The Next Section of the Vital Records Binder is the
Estate Planning Section.
This section is definately not my favorite,
but it is probably one of the most important sections
in your Vital Records Binder.
The papers in this section need to be completed
with the assistance of an attorney, either in person
or through an on-line service.
This Section Includes:
Advanced Directive Power of Attorney
for Health Care,
Financial Power of Attorney,
Financial Instructions,
Documentation of Prepaid Fees,
A Copy of Your Will,
A Copy of Your Trust.
Here's the PDF:
This Week's Vital Records Challenge:
Print the PDF pages and add them to your
Vital Records Binder.
Check with an Attorney or Legal On-Line Service
to aquire the documents needed for this section.
and last of all . . . GET IT DONE!
(Once you have this section finished, the rest of the
binder will seem like a piece of cake!)
Don't Forget
to add some CASH
to your
Preparedness Banks!


Cook Family said...

I'm unable to open the pdf link to download. It takes me to a Google page with a link on it. The link didn't work either. Please help. Thanks.

Tricia Smith said...

I can email the PDF to you. Just send me your email address.
I'm not sure why it's not pulling up for you.