Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vital Records - FAMILY: Individual Family Member Information!

We are now in the Family Section of our
Vital Records Binder.
This section includes:
Individual Family Member Information
and because today is Mother's Day I decided to make
Today's Assignment a FUN One!
You will need to gather PICTURES of each of the
members of your FAMILY.
I used 3x5 Divided Sheet Protectors to
hold the pictures in this section.
to go with each picture.  They just slide in the
pocket along with each picture.
I chose to add "MILESTONE" pictures to my photo page.
For Example:
My Blessing Day
My Baptism Day
The Day I Received the Priesthood
My Mission
My Wedding Day
I also chose to add "TALENTS and HOBBIES" pictures.
These pictures tell our story.
For Example:
My husband likes to hunt, so I included
one of his hunting photos.
I love to write and create, so I included
a picture of me with a notebook.
Chris loves to water ski, Corey likes to hike,
Curtis loves to fish, and Collin loves to work with his hands.
Included in the talents and hobbies pictures should be a
picture of you at work, so that people can know what you do.
Each of these pictures
TELL A STORY about the people in my family!
Each of these pictures SPARKS A MEMORY
and will tell that person's story for generations.
I chose 4 pictures of each family member
to add to these two sections.
You will have a total of 8 pictures per person when you
have completed this section.
Because this isn't an actual scrapbook,
(Just use the photo and photo card.)
I finished this section off with family pictures.
One for each year.
This is a great time
to take each of the members of your family
aside and let them help you choose the pictures
they would like to include . . . especially in the
hobbies and talents section.
Here's the PDF:
Have a Great
Mother's Day!

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