Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Activity - It's a Beautiful Day for a Family Bike Ride!

Grab your bikes, pump up the tires, and head out for a
Family Bike Ride!
I checked the weather and it looks like it's going
to be a pretty good day . . . I'm not promising anything, but
the weather report gave me hope.
Summer is just around the corner, and this would
be the perfect time to SHOW your kids how to
be safe on their bikes.  Showing them will mean more
than if you just tell them, and by riding with them, you will get
a better idea of what areas they need to work on.
Now for the . . .
Family Activity Treat:
A Kool-Aid Slush!
All You Need To Make It Is:
1 cup Milk
1 Packet of Your Favorite Kool-Aid
1 cup Sugar
Throw it all in the blender
and that's it.
You can even make a couple different flavors
to really mix things up.
(The kids will love these and they're super cheap to make.)
Hope You Have A FUN Ride!
Watch for another
Mother's Day Gift Idea,
along with pictures of the completed
Mixes to Meals Recipe Book . . .
It's a cute way to make her gift
a little bit more "PURSE"sonal!

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